W H A T   W E   C A N   D O
Ch. B. & K. K.

Christoph Baum: After studying Painting at the School of Arts /University of Kassel, he did his first Background Designs for "Benjamin Bluemchen" in 1987 in Berlin.

Until 1995 he worked as senior background-artist for animation features like "Werner-Beinhart" and "Asterix in America".

As an independant art-director he created the background designs for films like "Pippi Longstocking", TV series like "Loggerheads" and animated commercials.

In 1998 Klaus Kuschek, formerly working for the Berlin International Film Festival, joined him to establish  "Wild Brush" in Cologne and  Berlin.
Today the studio is located at the banks of the River Rhine in a beautiful and inspirational surrounding at the outskirts of Cologne. It is equipped with everything to develop and create background styles for features, TV-series or commercials.

We can design and produce all necessary key-backgrounds for features and TV-series – in all possible styles or techniques, classical, cartoony, modern, artistical...

Furthermore our customers can profit from our experiences in the wide ranges of layout and design for both print and web media.

We hope, you enjoy looking through the pages of our site as we always look forward to new challenges.

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